10 Really Cool Places to Make Your Weekend Fly in Nairobi

Are you new in Nairobi or just passing by? Well, Nairobi is where it all happens. Filled with fun places and activities, here are some of the things you can do while in Nairobi as first captured by  Benjamin Muindi of Tuko News

10. PaintBall Fury

If you are looking for a great time with a group of friends this weekend, then paintball could just be the plan. At paintball fury, it will set you back KSh 800 for one-and-half-hours of play time. This price will come with safety goggles, paintball markers, and protectors.

9.  Animal Orphanage

If you love animals and would perhaps like to take a picture so close to a lion, then visit the Nairobi Animal Orphanage operated by the Kenya Wildlife Service. It will cost you only KSh 250 to walk around the orphanage located in Lang’ata – some 10 kms from the city centre. The orphanage is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm and could be an ideal place to walk around while having a conversation. This is also a great place to take children.

8. The National Museum

The museum is an ideal place to visit this weekend if you’re looking for more educational yet fun stuff to do. It will give you a more reflective time to examine the country’s history and the present. The museum offers discounted joint tickets that include admission to the Snake Park going at KSh 300 for adults and KSh 150 for children. The museum also has a night tour package.

7. GP Karting

If you are a parent, aunt/uncle, guardian, GP Karting is the place to go and bond. The climax is the adrenaline that comes when the family is racing against each other on the track. Imagine 10-year-old Henry beating dad to the finish line. How cool is that? Or 8-year-old Nancy winning her 15-year-old brother with best racing time. Awesome uh? GP Karting is great for mummies and daddies to hang out with the kids. GP Karting is located off Lang’ata Road, next to Splash. They will provide you with a helmet, a racing suit and a full driver’s briefing to get you going this weekend.

6. Cycling At Karura Forest

If you’d like to escape the madness of the city or your residential area and get into the thick of a forest on a track stretching 12 kms, this is the plan.  It will also get you back to fitness after a week of sitting down for too long at the office. You can hire bikes in the forest or still bring your own. Karura forest located off Kiambu Road is also ideal for running.

5. Nairobi Arboretum

The arboretum is located along State House Road and is ideal for that conversation you’ve been meaning to catch on with a friend or a group. You do not need to pay to walk into the arboretum.


4. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

For animal lovers again, this trust is an orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation programme located along Magadi Road. It will only set you back KSh 500 to gain admission and children do not pay. This was the first spot John Kerry, US secretary of state, actually visited when he recently came to Nairobi. 

3. The Lang’ata Botanical Gardens

The recreational gardens are located about 20 kilometers from the city centre along Langata South Road near the new Kenya School of Law. The gardens can be accessed by public transport and private parking is available. While on the gardens, you can sample a variety of foods, or have a drink at the bar. You may prefer to have a walk or a picnic here. They also allow fishing.

2. Mamba Village

Mamba village is best known for its crocodile farm – it is estimated that there are 70 Nile crocodiles at the village and Maasai ostriches. There are several restaurants in the expansive area in Karen, about 13 kilometers from the city centre.

1. Rolfs Place

Rolf Place is only 25 minutes from the city centre on the eastern side of the Nairobi National Park. The place gives you a panoramic view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya and the Ngong Hills all from one point. There is an opportunity to view wild animals across the gorge. If you happen to spend the night there, the roaring of lions and leopards often pierce stillness of the night. The place is located on Masai Lodge Road off Magadi Road.