5 Reasons You Should Choose a Serviced Apartment over a Hotel

We all deserve a break once in a while. Sometimes work, relationships, school and life, in general, can overwhelm you to a point of emotional breakdowns. A vacation or just a short staycation does wonders. You have probably chosen your preferred destination. Then comes the big decision: Where to stay. Will it be a hotel or a serviced apartment? Here are a few reasons to convince you into staying at a serviced apartment:

1) Home away from home feeling

Serviced apartments really capture that ‘home away from home’ essence, and that is why they are growing in popularity among travellers. We all crave a space that feels warm, welcoming, familiar and cozy; a home.

2) Spaciousness

Nobody wants a cramped space. Why would you leave your spacious house to stay in a tiny room? It won’t be comfortable. Especially when you’re travelling with family. You need a bigger place so everyone feels comfortable for the trip to be a success. It is also much cheaper to stay in an apartment when you’re many rather than booking several hotel rooms

3) Amenities

A serviced apartment is a complete package. It comes fully furnished with all the amenities you could ever need. Basically it’s just a home. You get sofas, dining sets, a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Other facilities include a gym, spa, pool, restaurant, and conference rooms for those on business and leisure trips. All these provide convenience in the sense that you never have to step outside the facility to look for something, except maybe when you want to go sight-seeing.

4) Cost-effective

You save a lot of money when you stay in a serviced apartment rather than in a hotel. Apartments are much bigger in size and cheaper than hotel rooms. You can book a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment when travelling with friends or family instead of different hotel rooms, which saves on cost. You can also prepare your own meals to avoid hefty restaurant bills.

5) Customized experience

Serviced apartments are accommodating to certain requests in order to make your stay comfortable. You can call in advance to add a few things to the room, like certain foods or drinks to be added to your pantry. You get to customize your apartment, just like your home. What could possibly be better than that?

Whether travelling alone, as a family, on a leisure trip or a business one, comfort is key. You are better off in a space that’s cozy and feels like home to help you relax and unwind. Serviced apartments are always a great option for any kind of traveller.

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